Adventures of An Aspiring Librarian


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

M.S. in Library Science (Expected Graduation: August 2014)

Summer 2014

INLS 995: Master’s Paper

Social Media in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Health Science Library: A Case Study

Spring 2014

INLS 500: Human Information Interactions
INLS 501: Information Resources
INLS 747: Special Libraries and Knowledge Management
INLS 780: Research Methods

Fall 2013

Exchange Semester in Copenhagen, Denmark:

Royal School of Library and Information Science

IVA 001 Information and Cultural Studies,Theories and Traditions (Informations og Kulturstudiers Teorier og Traditioner)
IVA 002 Knowledge and Information in Organizations
IVA 003 Danish Language Course

Summer 2013

INLS 858: Libraries in the United Kingdom
INLS 585: Management for Information Professionals

Spring 2013

INLS 461: Information Tools
INLS 513: Resource Selection and Evaluation
INLS 520: Organization of Information
INLS 709: Business Information

Wake Forest University

B.A. in English, minor in History

Relevant courses are listed below (please contact me if you wish to to see a full list of courses):
LIB 100: Accessing Information in the 21st Century
LIB 250: Humanities Research Sources and Strategies
HST 366: Studies in Historic Preservation
CSC 100: Overview of Computer Science


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