Adventures of An Aspiring Librarian


on May 23, 2014

I’m happy to announce that I have officially walked with my class at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill! I’ll be completing my thesis this summer (and as such, will be officially graduating and receiving my diploma in August), but it’s a really exciting event nonetheless. My family came in from Florida to visit, and my Nana and Grandad came into town the day of graduation so that we could celebrate both Mother’s Day and my graduation! It was an exciting day overall! My parents even brought up my little dog, Fluffy, for the celebrations!

I’m so happy to be receiving my Masters in Library Science soon, and I have just had an incredible time in this program. I have learned so much and have been taught invaluable lessons from my professors, peers, and experiences with librarians out in the field. Internships like the Health Science Library one I am currently completing really have helped round out my experience and have taught me things that I know I wouldn’t have learned in the classroom setting. I’ve been able to put the theory to practice, have met incredible and dedicated librarians, and have just enjoyed every minute of my internships and my time at UNC-Chapel Hill. I’ve been interviewing for jobs, and am excited to see where my next adventure will lead!

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