Adventures of An Aspiring Librarian

Folketinget Bibliotek (The Danish Parliamentary Library)

on January 27, 2014

While I was in Denmark, I received the opportunity to see the Folketinget Bibliotek, which is the library of the Danish Parliament. This library is located in the Christiansborg Palace in the city center. Although it is a small library in size, it has many resources to offer its patrons. These resources are typically only reserved for members of Parliament, but sometimes researchers are allowed to work and comb through the extensive legislation and documentation held on these shelves.


With the help of its talented librarians and information professionals, the library skillfully gathers and shares information that the MPs might find useful. On my tour, I found out that each librarian receives an area of specialty, such as Ministry of Culture or Ministry of Trade. They then individually narrow in on topics and information that members of these cabinets might find useful or interesting. The librarian I spoke with said that he often will receive bills before they are to be discussed on the floor; he will comb through the proposed legislation and provide the members with information, footnotes, and citations that they may find useful to look at when the bill comes up in chambers later in the month. They can typically find all of this information on an internal website. The librarians also will often perform reference and research requests when parliament is in session (if issues or a question comes up, for example).

The Parliamentary Library Reading Room

The Parliamentary Library Reading Room

Every librarian I met on the tour was very helpful and welcoming to me, and they were so kind to take the time out of their busy days to tell me about the operations of this specific federal library. I really enjoyed being able to compare it to the federal libraries in the United States…it reminded me a lot of the role of Congressional Research Services in Washington DC.


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