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Robots and Video Game Rooms and Yellow Staircases, Oh My!

on March 25, 2013

I for one, love field trips. I especially love them when they involve brand new technology and interesting architecture. The James B. Hunt Jr. Library at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC covers both of those interests! This engineering library just opened in January 2013, and it is one of a kind.

For one thing, it has a giant robot that retrieves books! Instead of looking in the catalog and trying to find the book on the shelf yourself, the robot at the Hunt Library will do it for you! Just simply click on the book you want in the online catalog system, and one of four robots will retrieve it from the 9 floors of metallic shelves and have it delivered to you in about 3 minutes! Here is a video demonstration:

While the robot alone makes a visit to the Hunt Library worthwhile, it has other things to offer as well. The library boasts one of  the largest video game rooms I have ever seen. NCState is known for its video game design major, and many of its students go on to work for EA Games and other designers. This room can be used to help them with their design homework. However, when it is not being used by students creating video games, it can be freely used for any students wanting to PLAY video games! The library is planning to host several video game nights…can you imagine playing  Halo or FIFA on this sort of screen? Wow.


Finally, the Hunt Library has lots of modern architecture elements to it to please the eye.The entire library is color-coded, so to speak, with staircases painted bright yellow, bathroom areas neon orange, etc.

This library is a sign that libraries are changing and growing to keep up with today’s society. I wonder what they’ll think of next?

One of the reading rooms

One of the reading rooms

A surround sound movie room

A surround sound movie room

The color-coded staircases

The color-coded staircases

And finally a fantastic view

And finally a fantastic view


2 responses to “Robots and Video Game Rooms and Yellow Staircases, Oh My!

  1. Jackfrost says:

    Sorry but other then the pictures there was very little in the article that those of us in the older generation with actual brains couldn’t deduct for ourselves.

    • Kathleen says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Jackfrost. I’m assuming then, that you’ve taken several trips to the Hunt Library? I included details in the article for those who have never been and don’t know the details of the library.

      I would love to hear your opinion on the mechanics of the robotic cataloging system and how it could potentially eliminate serendipitous browsing and how that then could change user experience in libraries. Looking forward to your response!

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